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May 2018

The Anchors and Juniors took part in the 34th Annual Inspection and Display at the Church on Friday 11th May. Many family members were there to watch the boys perform at the event.
All the Anchors and Juniors played relay games in their teams against each other, showing skills in football dribbling and bean bag balancing. The winning team in each race selected some "volunteers" from the audience to challenge to a race.
The Anchor Boys performed a song and showed off the frieze they made for their Fun Day whilst dressing up to tell the Creation Story. The Juniors retold the Bible story from John 21 of Jesus breakfasting with the Disciples on the shore of Lake Galilee. They chose the story as it includes the Disciples fishing from a boat and this linked to the boys' project to make plastic bottle boats as part of a challenge to raise awareness of the plastic pollution that is impacting the life in the oceans.
The boys marched inside the Church, following the Company band. They were inspected by our Guest of Honour, Revd Andrew Micklefield, who later addressed the boys and audience explaining how his own time in the Boys' Brigade starting as an Anchor Boy was so important in helping him become the person and minister he is today.
The Display culminated with the giving of prizes and awards to individuals and teams from the Anchor Boys, Juniors and Company sections, before the boys who are now old enough were transferred from the Anchor Boys to the Junior Section.
The Display was a very successful and valuable event: the younger boys get to experience being part of the whole of the Company as they display alongside the older boys from the Company and Senior Sections; their families can see the impact the Brigade has on their boys; the Company has the opportunity to thank the parents and families for supporting the boys in their membership of the Brigade.
On Sunday 13th May our Boys' Brigade Battalion held its Annual Church Parade at Yateley, with a service at St Peter's Church. Members of the Anchor Boys and Juniors attended, marching behind the band and alongside boys from other local Companies from Yateley School the the Church, participating in the Service and then marching back to the school. Parading in this way raises awareness of the Brigade amongst members of the public, who see the witness of the boys as they march. The boys also see that they are members of a larger organisation with many companies and boys.

We are now into our Summer Programme for the Anchors and Juniors.
The Juniors met up on Friday 18th on a lovely sunny evening, all our newest Juniors were there which was great to see. We went over to the Town Gardens to play games, we now have six Juniors which is a good number to play some fun games.
The Anchor Boys have meetings arranged for their own Summer Programme, and there will be some joint Anchor and Junior events too.

Lt. Rolfe Bridson.

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