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Dear Friends,

There's an old story regarding St. Augustine who was struggling to understand the concept of the Trinity, the belief that God is one, but also Father Son, and Holy Spirit. So, he went for a wander on the beach.

As he walked along, he came upon a little boy digging a hole in the sand with a seashell and then running to the ocean, filling the shell, and rushing back to pour it into the hole he had made. "What are you doing, little man," Augustine asked.

"I'm trying to put the ocean into this hole", the boy replied.

A huge peace overwhelmed Augustine at the words of this young boy because he realised that this was what he had been trying to do... fit the great mysteries of God into his mind.

On this Trinity Sunday we acknowledge that one of the great mysteries of God is the way he chose to reveal glimpses of himself as Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

The great evangelist Billy Graham wrote:

The word "mystery" is used many times in Scripture. Some of the mysteries of the past have been fathomed by science. Others still bewilder mankind.
This fact remains: All of the garnered wisdom of the ages is only a scratch on the surface of man's search for the knowledge of the universe. For the most part, God retains His secrets, and man standing on his intellectual tiptoes can comprehend only a small fraction of the Lord's doings.

What is truly amazing about God is that although he is beyond our comprehension, we find that he still reaches out to us with love and compassion and calls us his children.

As the Psalmist writes:

LORD, our Lord,
how majestic is your name in all the earth!
You have set your glory in the heavens...
When I consider your heavens,
the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars,
which you have set in place,
what is mankind that you are mindful of them,
human beings that you care for them?
LORD, our Lord,
how majestic is your name in all the earth!

Treasured memories of Bob Weighton

Last week I asked if you might send me some treasured memories of Bob who died at the age of 112 years — the world's oldest man. Thank you -(more memories at the bottom of this news page)

Bob, you had the ability to listen, and not only to educate, but to self-educate, so you acquired a wealth of experience and knowledge which made you a wonderful friend , an inspiration, kind, gentle and moderate as well the keeper of a full head of hair. Thank you for being our friend.

My memory is of him pushing his Walker in Brendoncare grounds. His "number plate" was always up to date — this year of course BOB 112

My first, and long-lasting memory of Bob is this.
Back in August 1985, (with some apprehension as I hadn't been to a Methodist church for a long time) I came to Alton Methodist church for the first time. Bob was the door steward and he welcomed me warmly, made sure that I knew where to sit, invited me for coffee afterwards, and generally made me feel relaxed and 'at home'.

I first got to know Bob in the 80's at a German class we both attended, where he was learning German so that he could talk to people and attend Church services when he visited his daughter and family in Bremen and passed A level German at the age of 78.

Bob could talk to a room packed with people for an hour and it seemed like 5 minutes with us all totally engrossed.

We also received this from Rev Keith Underhill:

We are just so grateful that as a family we had the privilege of sharing our lives with Bob for as long as we did.

So many memories of Bob have come flooding back, he was one of the
world's most remarkable people.

Along with everyone who knew Bob, we have been blessed indeed. May he rest in peace and rise in glory.

Good News Stories...

One of our Rowledge CAMEO ladies was 90 on the 29th.May. She lives on her own and has no close relatives but has a very kind neighbour who keeps an eye on her. This neighbour knew she would not be seeing anyone and so she went down her road and told the neighbours that Anne was 90 and asked them to call and wish her a Happy Birthday. Imagine her surprise when 26 people turned up outside her house at 4 o'clock and sang Happy Birthday to her!

Ways to Worship...

Sunday Service — Hymns, Songs, Readings and Reflections led by Philip. This week Paul Fry from Rowledge is doing the reading as is Terri White. To listen to the service and join in — please visit the Alton Methodist Church web site (front page) where it will be available on Sunday morning:

The connexional Methodist Church have also provided a weekly printed sheet (attached) to help us share in worship whilst at home.

BBC Radio 4 Sunday Worship at 8.10am.

BBC 1 'Sunday Worship' at 10.45am

The BBC also offer 'Songs of Praise' at 1:15pm with Aled Jones in the 'Great Outdoors'.

A Blessing
May the love of the Father enfold us,
the wisdom of the Son enlighten us,
the fire of the Spirit in-flame us;
and may the blessing of the triune God rest on us,
and abide with us, now and evermore.

BUMPER EDITION — Please read on — no extra charge!

More memories of Bob Weighton

I've always been convinced that Bob kept his mind so alive because he made an effort to make friends with people younger than himself. I was frequently surprised by who he knew. Of course, in time everyone was younger than him! He has left an imprint on so many of our lives — thank you Bob.

Such an inspiration to us all, simply the best.

Bob was an inspiration, a wonderful man to talk to, I feel it a privilege to know him and honoured to be in possession of his very first windmill he made for me when he was 101 years old, I will always have a piece of him in my garden. Good night Bob!

I was talking to a friend in Somerset who used to live in Medstead — He was a church steward at Alton many years ago. He said 'His thirst for knowledge never deserted him'. For me the memory will be the smile on his face when Katherine came to church because she always talked German to him!

Bob was the very first person to meet and greet us at AMC when we moved from Glasgow in 1981. The very next day he turned up at our house for a "chat" to get to know us better. He was certainly the main influence in our choice of church! He was our pastoral visitor for many years and was very supportive of the work in the Boys' Brigade.

He was truly incredible...
He was always learning, helping and making something.
I'll never forget his 100th birthday when the church was full and he stood at the lectern and spoke very interestingly without notes for about 40 minutes while we sat comfortably in the chairs! (Rev Jean Simmonds)

Bob was a modern-day Simeon, a wise prophet in a chaotic world: a huge support for Anna Chaplaincy and a great example to 'old people' (but never seemed old himself!)
(Rev Rachel Sturt)

When We heard of his death, I had this wonderful vision of open arms of welcome, and Bob meeting Jesus face to face, and great joy and excitement. He will be happy wherever he is, his dear wife Agnes who he looked after had to wait a long time to see him again. Bob was loved by everyone, a remarkable human being.

A long life lived by faith in God and with the support of his many friends

It was a privilege to know Bob, he was a beacon amongst men.

What a man he was and what a life he lived.
Rev Ian Bowley

Thank you to everyone for their tributes to Bob — it has been an inspiration to receive and read them (I hope I managed to include them all!)

And finally, another good news story from Rowledge...

It was my birthday on 21st.May and I thought it would be a very quiet one. However, my day started off very well with a lovely bouquet of flowers from my husband. At lunchtime our son rang from Australia. When our relatively new neighbours discovered it was my birthday, they invited my husband and I around for a drink. We had just got back when our daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter arrived with another bouquet of flowers and a large box of fresh fruit and vegetables, (all of this keeping the required distance) Throughout the day various friends from the Church rang to wish me 'Happy Birthday' so I had a lovely day after all.

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