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Alton Methodist Church is a registered charity – Registered No. 1129465

The church is part of the Hants-Surrey Border Circuit of the Methodist Church, which in turn is part of the South East District.

Our Circuit came into being on September 1st 2012 when three previous Circuits merged into two. Our Circuit number is 36/01 with 36 being the number for the South East District and 01 being that of the Hants-Surrey Border Circuit.

Like all Methodist Churches, it is the Church Council that is the Governing Body. It's members are Managing Trustees with overall responsibility for all that goes on within the life of the church. Managing Trustees need to be members of the Methodist Church.

As a rule, the Church Council meets three times a year; in February, June and October but additional meetings can be called if necessary by giving two weeks written notice prior to the meeting.

Church Council meetings are open to anyone to attend, but only those who are Managing Trustees are eligible to vote on issues and resolutions.

Some of the Managing Trustees are appointed to the Church Council by the nature of the positions they hold or responsibilities they carry out e.g. Church Stewards etc., others are elected to serve on the Church Council at the General Church Meeting which is held annually, usually around March/April.

Those who are currently serving on our Church Council at the moment are;

Minister – Revd. Philip Simpkins (Chair)

Church Stewards – Carol Woodruff, David Allan, Angela Simpkins, Kitty Stovold, Helen Smith, Alan Robb

Treasurer – Graham Titterington

Members elected from the Annual Church Meeting:
Janet Meager,  Nancy Buck,  Glenda Bentley, Ann Hughes, Anna Mitchell, Liam Sherdidan, Debbie Bridger, Di Wright

Representatives of Church life:
Family Committee – Judy Nicholls
Church Family Visitors – Jennie Marlow
Property Committee – David Allan
Finance Committee – Nigel Hughes
Liz George – Safeguarding Officer
Church Council Secretary – Diane Titterington

We have a number of other Committees that report to and act on behalf of the Church Council and have specific remits and tasks across the life of the Church

Finance Committee
Property Committee
Church Family Committee

We also have a representative on the Parish Life Committee of the Parish of the Resurrection and a number of representatives on the Greater Alton Project Covenant Council.

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