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At Alton Methodist Church we are pleased to be able to offer a variety of styles of worship, and seek to ensure that all our worship is inspirational, full of wonder, love and praise; is relevant and transforming.

On most Sundays, we hold two morning services; at 9:15am and 10:45am, with coffee served between the services in the church hall. On the last Sunday of the month and throughout August there is only one morning service at 10am.

The 9:15am service is more formal and traditional, using "Singing The Faith" the latest Methodist hymnbook. Services of Holy Communion (monthly) are taken from the Methodist Worship book and the hymns are mostly played on the organ. The words of the hymns and the Bible passages used are projected and there are hymnbooks for those who prefer them. The service usually lasts just under an hour.

The 10:45am service is more contemporary in feel, making use of a wider range of hymns and worship songs and Holy Communion (monthly) is usually informal. DVD, You Tube and film clips are often used and the whole service is projected. Most of the worship songs/hymns are played on the keyboard and often along with guitar and saxophone.

There is a crèche during the 10:45am service and the Children leave for "Lighthouse" about 10 minutes after the service has begun. There are 'children friendly' prayers used at the beginning of the service along with suitable hymns/worship songs. This service usually lasts around an hour.

On the first Sunday of the month, the 10:45am service is "All Age Worship" and the children and young people (apart from the crèche), stay in for the whole service, which lasts around 45 minutes.
Please note that on the last Sunday of each month and throughout the month of August, there is only 1 morning service and this is at 10:00am and is a mix of both traditional and more contemporary.

We also have an evening service at 6:30pm, which is often quieter in format and feel — the actual style of the evening service however is left to the discretion of those planned to take the service. The service is not projected and hymn books and where appropriate, the Methodist Worship Book is used.