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When a friend or relative dies, the first few hours and days can be deeply confusing. Revd. Philip Simpkins, our Minister, can help you and put you in contact in these early stages with practical advice and provide pastoral support.

You will find that the professionals in hospitals, doctor's surgeries, coroner's offices, register offices etc will be helpful in taking you step-by-step through the processes you should follow.

At some stage, you will need to appoint a funeral director (although this is not a legal requirement).

At any stage, as someone is dying or after someone has died, please feel able to contact Philip. He will conduct a funeral in Alton Methodist Church or at local crematoria and cemeteries, whether or not you have had any previous association with the church.

The minister will be available to advise you even if you do not require their assistance at the funeral service.

He can discuss the various options with you, which include for example
a service of thanksgiving in the church followed by burial or cremation, or
a service of thanksgiving following cremation, or
a service at the crematorium chapel.

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