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2nd Alton Company, The Boys' Brigade

BB meets in the church on Friday evenings throughout the school term.

Anchor Boys (School Years 1 to 3) 6.00pm to 7.30pm
Juniors (School Years 4 to 6) 6.00pm to 7.30pm
Company and Seniors (School Years 7+) 7.45pm to 9.30pm (Changes autumn 2020 see newsletter)
There are additional activities on Wednesday evenings for Company and Seniors.

About BB
It is challenging. The Boys' Brigade offers a progressive programme of activities geared to each boy's age – from simple achievements at age 6 to the Duke of Edinburgh's Gold Award at age 17+.

It is uniformed. The BB uniform is simple and inexpensive, yet gives every boy a feeling of identity, both locally and nationally.

It is disciplined. The BB believes in discipline – not blind obedience to orders, but the value of good order, regularity, punctuality, reliability, and the discipline of working together in a team.

It is Christian. The Boys' Brigade is a youth organisation of the Christian church, and seeks to present the Christian message in a way that is meaningful and relevant to boys. The 2nd Alton Company is part of Alton Methodist Church, and welcomes all boys regardless of their background or belief.

It is great fun. Why do boys join? More importantly, why do they remain members? The answer is very simple – they enjoy it! Perhaps it's the blend of formal and informal events, perhaps it's the mixture of indoor and outdoor activities, perhaps it's the style of leadership and training, perhaps it's the challenges and team-working . . . . or maybe it's just because they enjoy doing things together with their friends in a caring and supportive environment.

For the latest newsletter 'Update' see the PDF attachment.

Anchor Boys wear a smart uniform with a red sweatshirt, and have great fun doing
CRAFTS – making lots of interesting things, and developing dexterity and co-ordination.
MUSIC – singing, and making a lot of noise!
GAMES – team games and other fun activities.
STORYTIME – listening to adventure and biblical stories.
FRIENDS – making new friends in Alton, and with other Anchor Boys in Hampshire, Berkshire and Surrey.
For further details, contact the Church Office (01420 82695).

Junior Section activities are specially structured to develop each boy's interests and abilities, and to blend learning and enjoyment.
ACHIEVEMENTS – there is a BB Achievement scheme to challenge the boys, physically, spiritually, practically and mentally.
SPORT – Junior Section boys play football, do athletics, and compete against other companies in team games.
CRAFTS – there is always something to make at BB!
ACTIVITIES – these range from art to outings, figure marching to picnics, singing to quizzes.
OUTINGS – we've visited London museums, lifeboat stations, bird sanctuaries and country parks.
For further details, contact the Church Office (01420 82695)

The range of activities on offer in Company and Seniors is practically endless -
SPORT – football, table tennis, superstars, badminton, cross-country, snooker, orienteering, ten-pin bowling, unihoc – we play them all.
DRILL – learn, and enjoy, marching!
SKILLS – range from cookery to origami, from car mechanics to photography, from first aid to chess, from model-making to astronomy, and many more.
FUN – ever tried to wash an airliner? Or race to eat three cream crackers? Or capture opponents on the common? Or play table tennis all night? We have!
OUTINGS – fancy a midnight walk in the woods? Or rowing a boat? Or ice skating? Or laser questing? Or gorge-walking?
MUSIC – learn to play bugle or drum in our marching band.
OUTDOORS – walk and barbecue, mountain biking, annual winter hill-walking and summer camp week, and expeditions for boys of all ages.
DUKE of EDINBURGH'S AWARD – is offered by 2nd Alton to members and non-members alike.
LEADERSHIP – train to take on responsibility and to lead others.

For further details, contact the Church Office ()1420 82695)

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